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ISPM15 Heat Treated Timber

Heat Treated and Kiln Dried is a process used to reduce moisture content from the timber.

Heat Treated and Kiln Dried timber can be beneficial to you and to your customers depending on your applications...

  • Lower moisture content equals higher strength and lessens corrosion to nails or other metal fixings used to construct the pallet/crate.
  • To make empty pallets easier to move by hand since Kiln Dried timber is lighter than green undried timber.
  • Helps eliminate possible contact water damage through absorption if transporting paper, polystryrene, or cardboard products.
  • Reduces the growth of mould or other forms of fungal decay.
  • Reduces shrinkage of the timber after production.
  • Certain countries require certification (ISPM15) of Heat Treated timber. Please contact us with your destination and we will advise.

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